52 weeks of colour challenge, week 12 – taupe

I ran to the web again to check the taupe colour wheel for Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge. Greyish-brown with some pinkish-browns in the lighter hues. Note to self: if it looks like a mouse, buy it. And don’t squeak when pressing the ‘purchase’ button.

I’m dressed more to carry a bow and arrow and hunt large mammals, but I’d rather hang out at Alirium and admire them. I know the outfit and setting are remarkably similar to my favourites of 2010 post, but they’re still my top-of-mind look and place at the moment.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 11 taupe 1 220111


Skin: LAQROKI ‘Elin 04 (Fair)’ Glow
Eyes: Moon Goddess ‘Green Ice’
Hair: Shag ‘Length of Love’, Dark Blonde
Top: Mimikri ‘Luz’, Mud
Skirt: League ‘Steampunk Apocolypse’
Hosiery: League Gartered Socks, Ecru
Boots: Anexx ‘Mouton’, Dark Brown
Earrings: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Necklace: Miel ‘Sen’
Pose: Agapee Group Gift Pose No 72
Location: Alirium



I was teleporting around looking for somewhere to take a picture of this outfit and fell off the side of a building from a great height. I landed several  leagues under the water and flew up to see if I could return to the building. At the waterline level I saw this lovely birdcage in the middle of nowhere.

I snapped this image as a mental placeholder, promptly forgot to save a landmark and forgot where it was when it came to writing this post. (Thankfully) when I logged in again I returned to my last-crashed sim and I fell off the building again, right near the cage. Sometimes technical difficulties work out for the best (well, okay, maybe once in a rare while). The image is overexposed, but I imagine that’s what life is like in living in a birdcage.

jasmine b butterfly 240111


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’ Porcelaine, Makeup 1
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real’ Eyes, Sapphire
Lashes: LAQROKI Black Mascara 01 ‘Flirty’
Eyeshadow: White Widow, Christmas Gift 2010
Hair: Vita’s Boudoir ‘Sugarplum Coiffure’, Platinum
Dress: [LeeZu!] ‘Femme Fatale’, Earth
Shoes: [LeeZu!] ‘Kiara’, Beige
Earrings: Dark Mouse ‘Remember Me’
Ring: Bandit ‘Pasha’, Topaz
Pose: Del May Butterfly Couture
Location: SaliMar (below Episode:100 site)

52 weeks of colour challenge, week 11 – indigo

I wanted to shoot this 70s disco/drag queen/trannie hoooker outfit for Luna’s challenge on the top ledge of a skyscraper in a handstand pose, but I couldn’t find the city skyline of my mind. The current commute makes a normal work day of more than 12 hours, and when I’m on SL, it’s in little hiccoughs of time and I tend to rush rather than take time to do things properly.

I span through the SL destination guide and happened upon Cadenza. Again, I wasn’t relaxed or patient enough to set up my idea of backflipping off the gleaming white piano, but my test shot as a memory jogger of the location worked out well enough that I used it. The top does has indigo sequins on the front, but I went a bad mad with the windlight settings.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour indigo 170111


Skin: Baistice ‘Pulchra’ Peach, Makeup 22
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real’ Eyes, Golden Green
Eyeshadow: CCD ‘Outgoing’, Silver
Lips: Chaisuki ‘Xmas Lips 1’ Christmas freebie
Top and Scarf: Mimikri ‘Darcie’ Tank Top, Provence
Pants: Bliss Couture ‘Chi Chi’, Silver
Earrings: Mandala ‘Amida’, Silver
Bangles: Mandala ‘Takara’, Metal White
Pose: Olive Juice Disco Diva
Location: Cadenza

The harle-queen

I had to return to The Artbox Anthology’s dedication to The Raven. Every vista reveals a detail I didn’t see the first time, and I finally found the concealed path to take a closer look at the ceiling of textual lava. I didn’t manage to snap a photo from that angle, so go and check it out for yourself.

I wonder if the creators accept requests for future literary interpretations? I’d love to see the darker themes in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory brought to Second Life. And the snozzberries, of course.

jasmine b harlequin 1 030111


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’ Porcelaine, Makeup 1
Blush: from Chaisuki ‘Paris’ skin tattoo layer
Lipstick: L.Fauna, Red 3
Hair: Vita’s Boudoir ‘Sugarplum Coiffure’, Platinum (white veil included)
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real’ Eyes, Sapphire
Outfit: Nonna Hedges ‘Harlequin’ (mask, tricorn hat and boots included)
Gloves: [LeeZu!] ‘Aimee’, Black
Pose: Del May ‘Vogue’
Location: Empyreal Dreams, The Artbox Anthology

52 weeks of colour challenge, week 10 – sienna

I was fishing through the inventory in my brain and thought I have something old in sienna, perhaps a stylin’ velour jumpsuit with a red dragon on it. I surprised the living daylights out of myself when I found it hiding in a dusty section of my inventory but, alas, I almost cried with denial when it rezzed tan with a yellow dragon and not sienna with a red dragon. Whoops.

But I tried the next outfit and it was a sienna Nicky Ree catsuit from June 2007. Vintage. And it still fits ;-).

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 10 sienna 090111


Skin: Chaisuki ‘Paris’, Vanille, 14
Hair: Shag ‘Length of Love’, Dark Blonde
Eyes: Ibanez ‘Horizon’, Tropics
Lashes: Redgrave ‘Elemental’
Outfit: Nicky Ree ‘Dynamic’ (includes boots — and spray can!) – I assume no longer available
Pose: Del May Seeking You
Location: Sistiana

52 weeks of colour challenge, week 9 – silver

I love this hair, and I’ll keeping wearing it every opportunity I can. With a swimsuit? Sure. Jeans and t-shirt? Hell, yeah. Crazy-arsed dress made from hundreds of silver cobwebs? Just watch me.

At last check, there were 250 members of the Flickr group joining in Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge. Most are cleverer than I am and their creativity is well worth checking out regularly.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 9 silver 1 020111


Skin: Chaisuki ‘Paris’, Vanille, 08, with included pink blush and smoky eyeliner
Hair: Vanity Hair ‘Glam Queen’, Essence
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real’ Eyes, Sapphire
Eyeshadow: White Widow ‘Lilas’, Silver
Blush: from Chiasuki ‘Paris’ skin tattoo layer
Dress: Grim Bros ‘Arachnia’
Earrings: Dark Mouse ‘Remember Me’
Pose: Olive Juice ‘Big Jumps’
Location: sat var te, Tvayi snihyaami leydi, Moon Valley

My favourites of 2010

Tanaquil Beaumont of the Dunes blog had a grand idea and posted her most beloved fashion finds from 2010. I was inspired by her effort and fought a few fashion battles to wear my favourite pieces without looking like technicolour cat vomit.

Before moving to the great finds of 2010, I need to purge some niggles. Poo-poo to:

– The shoe seller who floods the blog feeds with promo copies but never returned my messages about not receiving group entitlements
– The sellers who offer group freebies and discounts but make them impossible to find in-store (yes, make us work for the prize and look at your range, but not hunt to the ends of the earth)
– I don’t think I’ll ever work out prim eyes. I have a hundred and one pairs bought in fits of optimism but I still can’t switch back to non-prim when I feel like it. Reverting to an outfit with old-school eyes is currently my only way to kill off the domineering prim jobs and return to non-prim (unless I learn to love that ghouly grey-eyed look)
– Avatars loaded with bling and HUDs jamming sims at events. We aren’t here to look at you so you don’t need to drag the sim to its knees with your excessive prims. Enough said
– Open-toed shoes with alpha layers that don’t match foot and leg colours. I know designers make it as simple as possible to use the new technology with pre-set options, but I’m not buying sandals again — it’s too much stuffing about for my lazy self

Okay, on with all the positive things. Note that I have paid for everything and I have no affiliations with designers.

Skins and things: LAQ skins are my go-to look. Whenever I think they’re getting a bit dull and there are more exciting options, I flick through a few looks and realise how much I adore everything about them and their happiness to be photographed. I’m also hooked on Baiastice and my new skin love is Chaisuki: even with the relatively high price for a single skin, the make-up options add great value. I’m still reasonably new to tattoo make-up and am enjoying L Fauna and CCD for everyday make-up and White Widow for experimenting with more out-there looks. I went with my vintage Moon Goddess eyes as I wear them more than any other. I don’t know what happened to the brand and I lament its passing, but for new non-prim eyes I usually stop at Amacci.

Hair: I chose a Truth hair. Even though every second girl and her dog wear Truth, it’s because there’s a great range of styles and the blondes to me don’t look brassy. My favourites-to-be for the coming year are Vanity Hair (although the detail on the hairline of some styles could be improved), Boon, Shag and I’m a new convert to Dernier Cri hair — the hair dye menu to change colours is a smart idea

Clothing: I chose a relatively casual look and I keep returning to League, G Field and Reale as new finds for the year, particularly the prettiness and attention to detail of Reale’s range. My enduring favourite is Mimikri — I always know I’m going to find something there whether I’m looking for a simple sundress or outrageous amounts of sequins. One thing in common with these choices is each designer has thought carefully about colour ranges so mixing and matching pieces is easy for crimes against fashion like me.

For more formal and avant garde looks, I can’t go past Eshi Otawara, Vita’s Boudoir (I drop by there just to look around far too often), My Precious and I recently landmarked a brand called Violator that I’ll invest in soon (actually, I just checked in there for a second recce and the outfit I like is $L15,000 — I may not be investing any time soon!)

Bling: Donna Flora, Bandit and YS&YS keep me spending all year long and my new find has been Persona for a small but well-designed range of jewellery. The ranges in gold are particularly well-coloured and detailed. I also can’t wait for what Kunglers will bring to us in 2011.

Shoes: The different viewers and server versions — together with my earlier whinge about alpha layers — make shoes a challenge for me, but I stop first at Shiny Things and Stiletto Moody for footwear. Hoorenbeek has been a wonderful find, although the many fitting options in the box confuse the heck out of me. Thumbs up for always enclosing a detailed ‘how to wear’ card so I can achieve a perfect fit if I invest a couple of minutes. For the pictures, I chose my Gos boots as they fit first time every time, the VIP membership discount also works first time every time and I love the designer’s cleverness with colour-change pack options for some styles

Poses: I don’t know if this is average or not, but there’s about 400 poses in my HUD and it’s getting to the point I don’t know what’s going on in there. My first scan is usually through the Olive Juice poses for their whimsy and limbs pointing in smooth angles for photography (though they’re a bugger to install in the HUD because of the the grammatical symbols, capital letters and other quirks in the cute pose names). My new favourite is Del May for more experimental shots and Agapee continues to impress with classic poses and more-than-generous monthly group freebies of usable poses

Places: I’ve been on an outdoors kick and Alirium has astounded me time and time again with its default forest, and the current frosty winter location is a place of subtelty and peacefulness. Both pictures in this post were taken at Alirium and are unedited apart from cropping and borders. Ode, the Gulf of Loon and the Garden for Change have also been revelations of prettiness. I’ve been around long enough to still have the freebie palm trees and awkwardly swaying ferns in my inventory; today’s landscaping plants and features have advanced greatly, but they’re only as beautiful as the skilled designers who create these sims.

And a big hug to the owners of Voc Linda and all the other locations where we can rez and temporarily create our own scenescapes on their land. Thank you.

Other things: I still use a Huddles HUD from 2008 for storing poses. Hand-typing in the notecards can be arduous, but I’ve never found a better HUD so I’ll keep it until something more fantastic comes along.

I bought a nifty pose stand recently from LL Design, which is drag’n’drop and works fabulously in sims where stands can be rezzed — it even has a ‘homing’ feature so if it’s buried underground it’ll come back.

As far as viewers, I still miss Emerald and I spend most of my time running about in the default SL viewer. I like Kirsten’s and Phoenix but problems with shadows, outfits and annoying pixelated skies prevent me from using them more often. No single viewer has everything for me yet.

This year for me will be learning more about tattoo make-ups, dressing more outrageously, improving my image editing skills and trying to keep my inventory tidy. If I suddenly wake one day with magical techo skills, I’ll create a viewer that handles shadows, outfits, has a zillion windlight settings and doesn’t need its cache cleared.

jasmine b best of 2010 1 020111

jasmine b best of 2010 2 020111


Skin: LAQROKI ‘Elin 04 (Fair)’ Glow
Hair: Truth ‘Nadine 2’, Seaspray
Eyes: Moon Goddess ‘Green Ice’
Lashes: LAQROKI Black Mascara 01 ‘Flirty’
Blush: from Chaisuki ‘Paris’, Vanille, 08 skin
Singlet: from Reale ‘Bolero’, Brown
Jacket: Mimikri ‘Luisa’, Camel
Skirt/Belt: G Field Suede Mini-skirt, Camel
Hosiery: League Side-Gartered Stockings, Beige
Earrings: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Rings: (L) Donna Flora ‘Camelia, (R) Bandit ‘Pasha’, Topaz
Necklace: YS&YS ‘Long Pearls’ Gold
Bracelet (concealed): Persona ‘Mighty Heart’ Bangle, Bronze
Shoes: Gos ‘GTFO’ Boot, Stone
Poses: Olive Juice Tea Party Whore and Hula Hoop Girl
Location: Alirium