52 weeks of colour challenge, week 9 – silver

I love this hair, and I’ll keeping wearing it every opportunity I can. With a swimsuit? Sure. Jeans and t-shirt? Hell, yeah. Crazy-arsed dress made from hundreds of silver cobwebs? Just watch me.

At last check, there were 250 members of the Flickr group joining in Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge. Most are cleverer than I am and their creativity is well worth checking out regularly.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 9 silver 1 020111


Skin: Chaisuki ‘Paris’, Vanille, 08, with included pink blush and smoky eyeliner
Hair: Vanity Hair ‘Glam Queen’, Essence
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real’ Eyes, Sapphire
Eyeshadow: White Widow ‘Lilas’, Silver
Blush: from Chiasuki ‘Paris’ skin tattoo layer
Dress: Grim Bros ‘Arachnia’
Earrings: Dark Mouse ‘Remember Me’
Pose: Olive Juice ‘Big Jumps’
Location: sat var te, Tvayi snihyaami leydi, Moon Valley



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