52 weeks of colour challenge, week 10 – sienna

I was fishing through the inventory in my brain and thought I have something old in sienna, perhaps a stylin’ velour jumpsuit with a red dragon on it. I surprised the living daylights out of myself when I found it hiding in a dusty section of my inventory but, alas, I almost cried with denial when it rezzed tan with a yellow dragon and not sienna with a red dragon. Whoops.

But I tried the next outfit and it was a sienna Nicky Ree catsuit from June 2007. Vintage. And it still fits ;-).

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 10 sienna 090111


Skin: Chaisuki ‘Paris’, Vanille, 14
Hair: Shag ‘Length of Love’, Dark Blonde
Eyes: Ibanez ‘Horizon’, Tropics
Lashes: Redgrave ‘Elemental’
Outfit: Nicky Ree ‘Dynamic’ (includes boots — and spray can!) – I assume no longer available
Pose: Del May Seeking You
Location: Sistiana



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