52 weeks of colour challenge, week 11 – indigo

I wanted to shoot this 70s disco/drag queen/trannie hoooker outfit for Luna’s challenge on the top ledge of a skyscraper in a handstand pose, but I couldn’t find the city skyline of my mind. The current commute makes a normal work day of more than 12 hours, and when I’m on SL, it’s in little hiccoughs of time and I tend to rush rather than take time to do things properly.

I span through the SL destination guide and happened upon Cadenza. Again, I wasn’t relaxed or patient enough to set up my idea of backflipping off the gleaming white piano, but my test shot as a memory jogger of the location worked out well enough that I used it. The top does has indigo sequins on the front, but I went a bad mad with the windlight settings.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour indigo 170111


Skin: Baistice ‘Pulchra’ Peach, Makeup 22
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real’ Eyes, Golden Green
Eyeshadow: CCD ‘Outgoing’, Silver
Lips: Chaisuki ‘Xmas Lips 1’ Christmas freebie
Top and Scarf: Mimikri ‘Darcie’ Tank Top, Provence
Pants: Bliss Couture ‘Chi Chi’, Silver
Earrings: Mandala ‘Amida’, Silver
Bangles: Mandala ‘Takara’, Metal White
Pose: Olive Juice Disco Diva
Location: Cadenza



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