52 weeks of colour challenge, week 12 – taupe

I ran to the web again to check the taupe colour wheel for Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge. Greyish-brown with some pinkish-browns in the lighter hues. Note to self: if it looks like a mouse, buy it. And don’t squeak when pressing the ‘purchase’ button.

I’m dressed more to carry a bow and arrow and hunt large mammals, but I’d rather hang out at Alirium and admire them. I know the outfit and setting are remarkably similar to my favourites of 2010 post, but they’re still my top-of-mind look and place at the moment.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 11 taupe 1 220111


Skin: LAQROKI ‘Elin 04 (Fair)’ Glow
Eyes: Moon Goddess ‘Green Ice’
Hair: Shag ‘Length of Love’, Dark Blonde
Top: Mimikri ‘Luz’, Mud
Skirt: League ‘Steampunk Apocolypse’
Hosiery: League Gartered Socks, Ecru
Boots: Anexx ‘Mouton’, Dark Brown
Earrings: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Necklace: Miel ‘Sen’
Pose: Agapee Group Gift Pose No 72
Location: Alirium



  1. Thank you, Mayala *smiles*. PS: tried to comment on your awesome self-made dress, but OpenID is being a huge butthead.

    Thanks, Rudhmellowen. I was yes-no-yes-no-yes-no but I thought had just enough grey. If nothing else, the challenge has taught me to be more aware of the neutrals such as sienna and taupe! PS: I tried to comment on your emerald post but OpenID was still being disobedient — I love your Rotten Toe dress!

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