Happy rezday to me

I turned four the other day, but it’s taken me a week to find little scraps of time to turn some ideas into fruition, or reluctantly kick them to the curb as the case was a few times.

My original idea was to gift myself any outfit I wanted — my poorly Linden bank balance be damned! — but I traipsed every favourite shop and couldn’t make a decision from the choice overload.

So my idea borne of backlash was to take a photo completely nude as a message that real people exist behind the finery of their avatars (some reminders of old and recent lessons to be discussed another day). I couldn’t find the right pose or private sim when I was online so I’ll save that idea for another time.

Lurking in my inventory was a pretty Agnes Finney frock that matched the teddie bear’s headpiece. I wish I’d remembered to put a smile on my avatar’s face.

jasmine b rezday 010211


Skin: LAQROKI ‘Elin 03 (Fair)’ Glow
Eyes: Moon Goddess ‘Green Ice’
Hair: Vanity Hair ‘Bimba’, Blonde
Dress: Agnes Finney ‘La Rose’, Pink (includes gloves and headpiece)
Necklace: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Pose: !bang Glitz v2a
Location: Sali Mar (the area when you fall off the building)


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