Jasmine Scissorshoes

I happened upon the Veparella site quite by accident and don’t know what to say except I recommend you teleport there quickly for an abundance of Suess-ian/Willy Wonk-ian delights.

I wore my own outfit, but the creators have provided a pack of clothing and props at the entry point, together with plenty of buttons to press and levels to frolic on. Excuse me while I return to go and bounce on an apple and seal myself in a bottle again.

jasmine b scissorshoes


Skin: Rotten Toe ‘Valentine’s Gift 42’
Hair and Headpiece: Diram ‘Miley’, Black
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Dress: Swansong ‘Ribbon Dreams’, Black
Gloves: glow ‘Duo Tone’, White Lace/Black, from The Dressing Room Blue
Hosiery: World’s End ‘La Nuit du Chasseur’, Black
Boots: Gos ‘Curvaceous’, Black with Add-on White Polish
Location: Veparella


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