Taming the inventory

I don’t know what prompted this surge of virtual housekeeping — oh yes, I do, it was the dozens of demo skins from the Skin Fair littering my inventory — but I feel like sharing how I keep myself organised.

When I’m looking around in-world or checking the blog feeds, I jot a quick line in a Word document of things I see and like. Some weeks the screen is almost empty, but last week filled almost a page.

jasmine b to do list 1 170311

Below is about as organised as I get when it comes to sorting new demos and purchases. I prefix everything new with a ‘z’ so items sit quietly at the bottom of my inventory until I feel like trying things on. (I created a ‘to be sorted’ folder but I never get around to opening it, so having everything staring me in the face seems to offend my sense of neatness and prompt action.)

The bottom of this image demonstrates that someone went a little nuts at the Frick shop. I’d run there soon as the skins and outfits are dirt-cheap and I believe the brand will be disappearing at the end of March.

jasmine b to do list 2 170311

How do you keep track of your ‘to do’ list and stay organised?


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