52 weeks of colour, week 22 – banana mania

I tied myself in a knot because of over-thinking this week’s challenge. Banana yellow, the unnatural glaring yellow of a banana Paddle Pop ice cream, the creamy inside of a peeled banana, the slight brown tinges of a banana left in the fruit bowl — I don’t know! Giraffes are just bananas in elongated and re-patterned form if you over-think it for long enough.

This shall do.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 22 banana 040311


Skin: LAQ ‘Elin’ Fair Glow, 09
Hair: Dernier Cri ‘Julie’, Blonde Shades
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Singlet: BoHo HoBo ‘Printed Racerback’, Gold
Jacket: LeLetka ‘Argon’, Beige
Skirt/Belt: from LeLetka ‘Callie’, Tan
Socks: Miel ‘Jane’, Flor Light (not shown)
Shoes: Shiny Things ‘Francoise’ Flats, Latte (not shown)
Necklace: FPI ‘Bo Bananas!’
Pose: SEmotion Model Poses, 49
Location: Garden for Change



  1. aw I love your outfit!
    And you found the best place….
    I sat there thinking of yellow backgrounds… ended up in several sex sims with “banana” in the name and said, naaaaw

  2. Now that you say it … yep … giraffes are perfect for Banana Mania …;-)
    and thanx for another post that made me long for some delicious banana cream pudding icecream drink whatever stuff 😉 …. mmmmhhhh
    cute outfit btw. … especially love the top 😉

  3. Laura, that’s hilarious! But I can imagine the places you ended up in!

    Mayala, I’ll send you a courier bag and you send me some of that banana cream pudding ice cream drink whatever stuff. Sounds great.

    Thanks, Ayako. The necklace was 20L from the marketplace! Shame it didn’t stand out more and that I probably won’t wear it again unless there’s a fruit salad challenge or something!

  4. Nice to see you with hair and clothing again 😉 LOL You look lovely! You make me wanna dress up in a giraffe print now 😛 It was so much fun exploring the posefair with you! Very nice running into you! 😉

  5. Hello, thanks for dropping by! Next fair I’ll wear a t-shirt and pants ;-). I haven’t been inworld since and need to log on and check out whatever poses I ended up buying!

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