52 weeks of colour, week 23 – asparagus

Apart from being absent minded and buying for a non-existent avocado challenge rather than asparagus, I couldn’t decide which variety of asparagus. I love green, white and purple equally and wore a bit of all three.

It was a shame I couldn’t incorporate butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper and then I’d have concocted one of my favourite simple meals, but it would have been a train wreck of an outfit.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 23 asparagus 1204112


Skin: Chaisuki ‘Paris’, Vanille, 08 skin
Hair: Truth ‘BabyDoll’, Champagne (comes with colour-change headband)
Eyes: Fashism ‘Sunrise’ Clover Green
Singlet: Maitreya ‘RB Tank’, White
Shirt: LMD ‘Kylie’, Violet
Bow: Miel ‘Elle Uber’ Bow (colour change)
Skirt/Belt: R.icielli ‘Marilyn II’, Green
Shoes: Anexx ‘Strap Wedge Bootee’, Olive
Pose: Olive Juice Butterfly 4 (from Pose Fair)
Location: Forest Feast



  1. VERY PRETTY… love the look of this pic… its totally gorgeous, but as a follow up to the comment you left me LOL about the Avocado, I’m glad I wasnt the only one to link the colour with the wrong thing!!! The colour is close enough LOL!!!!

  2. Hi Rudh, we can be the avocado twins! They both taste good to me and are both green; this time it’s good enough!

    Thanks, Mayala. I made a hazy blue windlight setting and it just kinda worked :-).

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