Two caribou girls go ’round the outside

Bloomy Miles and I are online at the same time roughly once in a blue moon, and what a fun blue moon this one was.

We rezzed our caribou and played at Ode while other avatars stepped into the paths of our cameras. It was then I realised I have no idea how to de-render objects in the default Second Life viewer. But if I log on using Phoenix, I have to deal with not remembering where any other function is.

One day I’ll have everything in the one viewer, or stop being lazy and find the right viewer that already exists.

Caribou girls 270611


Skin: LAQROKI ‘Elin 01 (Fair)’ Glow
Hair: Maitreya ‘Green’, Scandinavian Blonde
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real’ Eyes, Golden Green
Singlet and Tie-Front top: Reale ‘Bolero’, Beige/Pink
Pants: Mimikri ‘On Stage’ Jeans, Blush
Earrings and Bracelet: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Necklace: Virtual Impressions Dragonfly
Shoes: Maitreya ‘Frenzy’, Pearl (not shown)
Pose: n/a
Location: Ode, Wanderstill



  1. Thanks, Laura. I’ll look into Firestorm — maybe it’s different enough to Phoenix to make my life easier :-). And if I can get shadows to work, look out world!

    Hello, Bloomy! Lovely to ‘work’ with you and hopefully we can take pictures together again soon *hugs*.

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