52 weeks of colour, 35 — electric blue

I shuddered when I first saw electric blue as the current colour in Luna’s 52 weeks of colour challenge. Thoughts of walls of electric blue circa the SL marketplace in 2008 entered my mind — the old timers will remember when if something wasn’t in a shiny primary colour, it wasn’t available.

But I saw this flowery dress with diaphanous wings and was thankful for all the hard work designers have done over the years — it’s going to take a long time to tire of looking like a forest nymph.

Oh, Laura18Streeter, thanks for the Firestorm viewer recommendation. Now that I know where the inventory menu is located (oops), I’m unstoppable and very happy!

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 35 electric blue 040711


Skin: Frick ‘Nocturne’, Peach (includes make-up) (no longer available *sobs*)
Hair: Shag ‘Somewhere Across Forever’, Blonde
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Sapphire
Outfit: Vita’s Boudoir ‘Blue Venus’
Hair flower: LaGyo ‘Blue Roses’
Ring: Dark Mouse ‘Statement Ring’, Brilliance
Pose: FD Poses, Fairy 10
Location: World’s End Garden



  1. Hi, Rudh, trawling through the SL marketplace brings back all kinds of sunglass-needing memories! Thanks for the kind words.

    Thank you, Ani *hugs*.

    Laila, it’s so cute isn’t it? There was another electric blue dress in Vita’s Boudoir but I wanted the wings :-).

    Laura, thanks so much. And as I wrote in the blurb, thanks for the Firestorm recommendation. I can’t do shadows in any viewer, but I’m loving the water and windlight settings and the de-render function.

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