52 weeks of colour challenge, 42 — chartreuse

I Dare You to Tell Me a Bedtime Story

I was wandering around Mysterious Wave looking for somewhere to take a picture for the 52 weeks of colour challenge. On my travels a young man by the name of Equi Silvercloud asked if I’d like to take a ride on a flying bed — I don’t receive offers like that every day.

The lesson of the story is ride on flying beds to your heart’s content, kiddies, but don’t deface books in real life by putting your shoes on them.

It’s a shame this image didn’t reflect my artistic vision but, after seven — oops, make that nine, no, ten(!) — edits, this is how it can stay. I’m off to rock the sim-bah in these stylin’ boots.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 42 chartreuse 200811


Skin: LAQ ‘Elin’ Fair Glow, 10
Makeup: BOOM ‘Renegade Princess’ Green/Yellow
Hair: Tukinowaguma ‘Milena’, White
Eyes: Exile ‘Amira — Roots’, Stefani
Bustier: Maitreya ‘Bra Top’, Black
Girdle and Suspenders: Maitreya ‘Vega’, Black
Jacket: Lapointe and Bastchild ‘Cropped Leather Jacket’, Apple Green
Boots: Lapointe and Bastchild ‘Stiletto Knee Boot’, Greens (four colours in pack)
Necklace: League ‘Kandula’, Silver
Armband: Rozoregalia ‘Gazelliver’
Nails/Rings: Mandala ‘Samurai’
Pose: nil
Location: Mysterious Wave



  1. Ok let’s see

    Once upon a time there was this beautiful blogger who had to wear all these colors. She ran into her prince while exploring the oceans on a floating bed. He read her a bedtimestory and they lived happily ever after!

    The END 😉

  2. Wicked look!!! (And right, be especially careful not to scuff the pages with pictures. Those are the only ones I read.)

  3. Ani, I’d never wear dirty shoes to bed! Or any shoes, really, but we can get away with it in SL. I just realised there’s no dirt on the ground in SL — I wish my real house was like that!

    Thanks, Laila! I’m a book worm rather than a dancer, so I’ll just dance on books rather than tables :-).

    Kaelyn, oh how I wish that were the tale! Knowing my previous fortune in SL, it would mean the charming prince would set up a secret house with someone else from another country, or really be a woman dressed in a man’s av, or get SL married with someone else and accidentally leave it for me to find out in his profile! 😉 I like your story much better!

    Bourbiedoll, I’ll be very careful with the books — that one at the bottom of the pile needs to be treated very carefully :-).

  4. I really like this picture and the title you gave it adds to the story it already promises on its own. Your kick-ass look and attitude is enhanced by the pose and contrasted nicely by the books and the man’s more subtle tones. Excellent job!

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