52 weeks of colour challenge, 43 — liver

The Darkness before the Light

I found a dual-liver outfit for this week’s 52 weeks of colour challenge (the fresh reddy-brown liver bursting from eviscerated torsos on Game of Thrones, and the dried version that my dogs like to eat occasionally — both are equally gross) but I was stuck on a photo location.

Off I went on a teleporting journey and at World’s End I ended up in the secret garden. It worked like nothing I had planned but better than I had hoped.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 43 liver 270811


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’, Porcelaine Makeup 1
Hair: Tukinowaguma ‘Arachne’ , Silver
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Sapphire
Outfit: Rotten Toe ‘Moth Hunter’, Red
Collar: Curious Kitties ‘Exilum’, Red
Shoes: Grim Bros ‘Grotesque Burlesque’, Red
Pose: Del May ‘I Can’t Believe You Did That’
Location: World’s End



  1. Love the reflection of the tree sort of echoed in your pose. The whole picture looks like it’s from a story, a dramatic turn of events. Good job!

  2. What an amazing shot! I just had to zoom in to full size when I got to flickr. You took a bland color and really put fire into it:)

  3. Hello, Nicandra, greetings to you too, and thank you.

    Thanks, Laila, you’re so kind!

    Bourbie, thanks for your thoughts — they mean a lot.

    Thank you, Kaelyn. It all just kinda worked for once :-).

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