52 weeks of colour, 45 — bronze

Bronze — and butterflies

I work with metals in my RL job and I’ve got it down. The grey ones are steel and aluminium, the shiny ones are nice to look at, the reddy-yellow ones are copper and the yellowy ones are bronze.

So I went out into SL land and bought some yellowy metallic clothes for this week’s Luna’s 52 weeks of colour bronze challenge. What’s that you say? The yellowy one is brass and not bronze? D’oh!

Thankfully the Fellini sale was in full swing and I picked up a bronze-enough frock for not many lindens at all.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 45 bronze


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’, Porcelaine Makeup 1
Lipstick: Kosh ‘Sweet Lips’, Brass
Hair: Vita’s Boudoir ‘Mermaid’
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Sapphire
Dress: Fellini Couture ‘Lotus’
Bracelet: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Butterflies: Alirium Garden group gift
Pose: Del May ‘Balletic Stand’
Location: XIV



  1. Awww, Softpaw, thank you. I cloned so much detail out of the background and still thought the picture too ‘busy’, but it looks okay in this small format!

    Rudh, no, don’t go speechless, I like it when you say stuff ;-).

    Nic, thanks, I feel like a princess in that dress.

    Hi Laura, thanks so much!

    Anichka. they’re lovely words and thank you.

    Madison, welcome and thanks for your kind words. I can’t wait to check out your blog.

    Hello, Eliza, you made me smile, thanks so much.

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