My favourites of 2011

My Favourites of 2011

This is my second annual list of favourites following shameless inspiration from Tanaquil Beaumont’s blog last year.

I haven’t had a lot of time so it was lucky I had an image in my ‘to edit someday’ folder that contained many of my favourite things. This list is by no means exhaustive as I’m forgetful and have a Word document stuffed full of trial outfit pictures and a list of vendors I haven’t checked out properly. That’s what 2012 is for.


Shape: I haven’t changed my shape much except making it a bit fuller in figure (oh, the shame of looking back 12 months and seeing a stick-thin avatar with the height set to ‘mega-tall’ and the fat set to ‘0’ on every slider. Things are more realistic now and I’ll leave the glamazon look to the SL models.

Skin: My go-to skin changed from LAQ to Baiastice and I experimented occasionally with Chaisuki and Mynerva skins and a new LpD skin. I find the Baiastice pale skin the easiest to photograph so it tends to be the default when I copy and make new outfits.

I was going to change to another brand but, as soon as it was shot-gunned to almost every blogger on the grid (except me), I became like a spoilt child and didn’t want it. Seeing an item everywhere I look takes away its specialness and my desire to have it.

Eyes: I’m still wearing the same Amacci eyes from 12 months ago and have no reason to change. I tried a couple of other booming brands from the year but they just didn’t photograph well on me; they looked perfect on other avatars so I’ll chalk that down to my lack of technical skill. I was given some Les Fleurs du Male eyes and the grey is a lovely shade with a high shine for a change from my usual green or blue.

Hair: LeLutka’s blondes are outstanding without a hint of brassiness — I don’t care how bad the lag gets in the hair shop because the styles are worth the waiting time. For silvers and platinums, Wasabi Pills has been a stand-out for a small but well-considered collection and I can’t wait to see 2012’s releases.

I adore Tukinowaguma for avant garde and daring styles and have picked up some well-designed Maitreya and Vita’s Boudoir styles as well.

Make-up: I find it hard to deviate from Kosh and Boom for dramatic colours that are rendered expertly and photograph cleanly. There’s also some Chelle in my inventory for softer colours and dreamy fantasy faces.


The majority of my purchases moved from casual wear to more formal and avant garde outfits. The most recent stand-outs for me have been Miamai for stunning high fashion and sYs for daring avant garde-bordering-on-cyber clothing that makes my pixelated heart sing.

My other classic favourites include Fellini Couture, Vita’s Boudoir, De La, Grim Bros and Solidea Folies and my new darlings for the year are Ladies Who Lunch, Coco and Les Petits Details (LpD). All the designers release new ranges regularly and keep pushing SL’s technical boundaries in exciting directions.

I have been remiss in not spending more time with Aliza Karu’s AD Creations, Mon Tissu, Donna Flora, The Sea Hole, Peqe and Rotten Toe and resolve to do so.

For shoes and accessories, I must admit to abject laziness and continue to TP around La Gyo, Gos, Anexx, Shiny Things, Slink, Vita’s Boudoir, Donna Flora, Rozoregalia, Mandala and Kunglers. If there are shoe and jewellery fairs in 2012, I am there.


I relied heavily on one brand last year but was energised by the number of pose designers making me want to throw linden dollars at them. My new favourites are Miamai, Di’s Opera, HelaMiyo, Olive Juice, Lost World Creative and Vice Poses. I was thrilled to appear in an ad for Vice Poses a couple of months ago — this makes me biased but in the best way as I was already keen on the energy of the poses and how they bend dramatically but neatly without awkward sticking-out bits.


I changed my viewer to Firestorm Beta and love the old-school controls. I recently upgraded to the new release and the windlight menu is taking a while to get used to as well as trying to remember all the camera controls I changed last time. Quick postscript: I don’t have clouds in any windlight setting in the new Firestorm viewer — it’s back to the beta version until I sort it out.

I’ll have to wait until it’s time for a new computer to be able to enjoy the worlds of shadows and mesh. Big fail on both in the main viewers even though my computer is only 18 months old but part of the problem comes from having an ATI graphics card.

Thank you to all the people who have posted tutorials, shared and published windlight settings and helped keep the SL community learned and enthusiastic. There is a small culture of back-stabbing, pettiness and comment whoring, but there is a much bigger culture of co-operation and good spirit.

jasmine b best of 2011 030112


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’, Porcelaine Makeup 1
Eye Make-up: Boom ‘Renegade Princess’, Coal Mine
Lip Colour: Kosh ‘Drama Lips’, Latex
Hair: Wasabi Pills ‘Mimi’, Iceberg
Eyes: les Fleurs du Male ‘Alive’, Dark Grey
Dress: sYs ‘Sygne’ (includes headpiece)
Boots: Slink ‘Whitney’, White
Pose: Vice Poses ‘Torch Song’
Location: Lost World
Windlight: Places Mother



  1. Miyoko, happy new year and thank you for your comments. I hope to support you more this year (and I just added a new ‘designer’ section here so I’ll blogroll you as well).

    Best wishes

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