52 weeks of colour part deux — week 1, champagne

I love you and you and you

Oh my god, weeks ago when Luna Jubilee said the second 52 weeks of colour challenge would start in the new year, I thought that was ages away. Nope. I’m late but catching up as quickly as I can.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do a dark’n’threatening skeleton picture or a pretty woodland image with happy bunnies, but the twains, they met. I’m sorry to the people I scared at Mandala when I dropped by with a floating skeleton attached to my head.

jasmine b 52woc 1 champagne 060112


Skin: Frick ‘Dragonfly L’Exposition’, Ghost (no longer available)
Eyes: Amacci ‘InSight’, Forest
Outfit: AD Creations ‘Miss Skeleton’ (includes hair, gloves, hosiery and shoes) (thank you, Aliza Karu)
Headpiece: AD Creations ‘Flying Skeleton’ hat (thank you, Aliza Karu)
Nails: Mandala ‘Unisex Pack’ (oops, they didn’t show in the picture)
Pose: SEmotion ‘Model Pose’ 47
Location: Happy Mood in Winter, Cadenza
Windlight: 3am



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