52 weeks of colour part deux — week 4, iron


If the news of Olive Juice Poses closing wasn’t disappointing enough, the closure of Lost World this week brought a double blow.

This is a quick picture taken with one of the Olive Juice poses I bought at the current half-price sale and in front of the last tree standing at Lost World.

The good fortune for the week was that I was cleaning my inventory and trying on this iron-like dress when Luna announced the challenge colour — bonus.

jasmine b 52woc2 4 iron 220112


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’, Porcelaine Makeup 1
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Sapphire
Hair: Wasabi Pills ‘Ran’, Blonde
Dress: Coco ‘Party Dress’, Silver (includes gloves)
Pose: Olive Juice ‘Closing Time’
Location: Lost World
Windlight: AnaLutetia AvatarOpt



  1. Great luck on the announcement of the color, dont you love when it is easy like that? LOL
    You look gorgeous in that dress, great photo to! Yikes, Lost world is closing? I had no idea, thanks for the heads up! xo

  2. Grazia, thank you and welcome — this week was an absolute pleasure to do. Plankton … primate .. god, hang on, patina, maybe I need to write that down to remember it!

    Laila, yes, it’s probably gone now. I rushed over the night I found out and only the tree was left (this is the Lost World that’s not Lolmac Shan’s).

    Lashae, thank you so much. I think may have worn it for a silver challenge last year. Play with the windlight and nobody notices ;-).

    Rudh, thanks my lovely. It’s sad when a good sim closes — maybe something different but equally interesting will pop up in its place.

    To anyone with a Blogger blog — I’ve been trying to comment on your blogs but there’s a gremlin in the WordPress/Blogger connecting thing. I’ll keep trying.

  3. Bourbie, thanks so much! It’s rockin’ hair 😉

    Happy new year, Nic, and thank you!

    Sonya, thanks very much for your comment.

    Lau, what’s the name of the group? I’ll have to check it out so I can remember them.

    Thanks so much, Ani.

    Douleur, welcome and thank you. I’ll check your blog as soon as I can :-).

    Aeva, thank you — lovely to see you here.

    Shayariel, hello and thanks a lot for your comment.

    Eliza, thank you and it was a lucky last shot as I don’t know how much longer the tree remained.

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