Festival of Sin – Envy


The Festival of Sin is in full swing and I dropped in as an unofficial shopper to buy this neckpiece and pants by Indyra Originals. I looked for a bustier to make the outfit a little more modest and then thought, nah, it’s a festival of sin and not covering skin.

Just as lovely is this new Tableau Vivant set designed by my friend, LouLou Teichmann. She’s a clever, skilled, disciplined, funny and frank woman with great taste in music, and it’s my pleasure to work with a scene scape she has made. I bought the other two on display at the Festival of Sin and can’t wait to take pictures in them as well.

jasmine b festival of sin envy 220212


*Skin: Amacci ‘Liane (Puder)’, 02 Beautiful (comes with make-ups, eyebrow shapes and cleavage variations)
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
*Hair: Amacci ‘Bloom’, White
*Hairbase: Amacci ‘Hairbase Tattoo’, Graphite
*Neckpiece: Indyra Originals ‘La Belle Epoque’
*Pants: Indyra Originals ‘Wicked January’
Boots: Indyra Originals ‘Coquette Noir Addiction’
Windlight: AnaLu Outdoor City Night
*Prop: Set by Tableau Vivant (set by LouLou Teichmann, poses by Marcopol Oh)

* Available at the Festival of Sin



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