52 weeks of colour part deux – week 9, dandelion

Radioactive dandelion

When you were young, did you ever hold a dandelion under your chin and ask your friends if your skin glowed yellow? From memory I think it meant the dandelion only glowed on the skins of good children. I think I had the glow every time but there are decades of reasons the myth has been proven untrue, whoops.

Time wasn’t on my side this week as I’m flat-out taking more pictures for the Festival of Sin and trying to set up a duo image with a special member of the 52 weeks of colour group. However, I dug through my ‘works in progress and may never be finished’ folder and found a raw shot from August 2011 I hadn’t finished. In dandelion yellow. Hurrah, maybe the myth was true after all and the flower shined on me this week.

jasmine b 52woc2 9 dandelion 260212


Skin: LAQ ‘Elin’ Fair Glow, 03
Makeup: BOOM ‘Renegade Princess’, Hazardous
Hair: Exile ‘Amira — Roots’, Stefani
Eyes:  Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Dress: LeLutka ‘Blazin’, Yellow
Dragonflies:  Chapeau Tres Mignon ‘Dragon Fly’ (this is a hat with the position edited to fit the body)
Shoes: Peqe ‘G-Wedge’, Yellow
Bracelet: LaGyo ‘Captured’, Gold
Ring: LaGyo ‘Be Careful’, Gold
Pose: Dare ‘Balance’
Location: XIV



  1. Lashae, thanks so much. Everything old is new again, thankfully.

    Hey, burger fairy! I couldn’t find jewellery so I thought, yeah, let’s destroy this nice hat!

    Nic, hello, and thanks for your gorgeous comment.

    Ani, thank you lovely xxx

    Sonya, thank you. In hindsight it’s not the right pose for the dress, but at least it’s dandelion.

    Hi bourbie, thank you — it was a fun shot to take!

  2. Sama, thank you! I didn’t quite remember as I take a screen dump with each outfit, location, windlight and pose so I don’t have to rely on my memory ;-).

    Ayako, thank you so much. My mind is blank for the avocado challenge so best I get onto it!

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