52 weeks of colour part deux – week 11, aquamarine

Things will be different in the future

I started with this dreamy cyber-meringue gown sitting that was waiting for an opportunity to come out for a 52 weeks of colour challenge, and then thought, hmm, how to style it?

I just couldn’t get the blue-haired, fully post-apocalyptic look happening and I still wasn’t pleased with the softer style I tried. Later, when I was chatting to my new landlady about my lack of ability to find the tier box (a big aquamarine cube that I should have found easily this week), I yelled, “Wait, I need to set up a picture of a future cyber-woman taking a future robot pet for a walk and then I’ll be right over!” She is a great landscape designer and thankfully understood the immediacy of running with a crazy idea.

jasmine b 52woc2 11 aquamarine 110312


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’, Porcelaine Makeup 1
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Sapphire
Eye Make-up: Boom ‘Renegade Princess’, Coal Mine
Lip Colour: Kosh ‘Sweet Lips’, Silver
Hair: Wasabi Pills ‘Mimi’, Ethereal
Dress: sYs ‘Abime’ (includes collar and gloves)
Pose: Adorkable Pencil II 10
Location: Metales
Windlight: TOR Sci Fi Fog Mystic 2
Robo-cat: NLS



  1. Grazia, thanks so much! It was hard to be subtle this week :-).

    Nic, thanks. It’s supposed to be a cat but looks more like a dog to me :-).

    Hi, Asia, thank you so much.

    Arya, thank you — I took so many pics at Metales that didn’t crop well, but finally got it.

  2. Lau, thanks so much! Metales is a great place to take pictures and can do futuristic so well.

    Bourbie, thank you. The shop I was in had a tardis and a dalek so I was tempted :-).

    Ayako, thank you — hopefully we all look like this in the future instead of in space suits and boring things.

    Hi, Sama, thank you and I like the cat, too. Its eyes change colour and it follows me around, but rezzes itself I think as it pops up everywhere now!

  3. Hehe … the cyber dog (or cyber cat) looks as if it’s hoping to find some cyber goodies falling aout of the layers of the cyber skirt 😉
    I actually like it all … pet, dress and pic … you look great 😉

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