52 weeks of colour part deux – week 12, St Patrick’s blue

Sheena is …

I’m over-committed in RL and I didn’t have time to properly research the origin of St Patrick’s blue for this week’s 52 weeks of colour challenge. I didn’t have much time to take a picture so I thought I’d create a portrait, which took me much longer by the end as I don’t normally take portraits and they’re damn hard.

It was great fun being brunette though — I might stick with this look for a while longer.

jasmine b 52woc 2 12 st patrick blue 180312


Skin: Glam Affair ‘Amelie’ Contessa D (from The Dressing Room last year)
Eyes: Redgrave ‘Scarlett2’, Dark Blue
Eye Make-up and Lip Colour: sYs ‘Vixie’, Outremer
Hair: Boudoir ‘Punk’
Outfit: sYs ‘Digital’, Blue (includes gloves)
Jewellery: Lapointe & Bastchild ‘Morbid Broken’
Pose: Agapee ‘Set 8’, 036
Location: New Home, Blizzard Cove
Windlight: Bryn Oh’s Immersiva Grey Dust



  1. WOW that is still a gorgeous photo Veggieburger… Love the darkness, it seems so different to your light and girlie pics!!!

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