52 weeks of colour part deux – week 14, royal purple

Got any purpler?

I think a lot of my purple is a bit too red to be truly royal but, wow, who cares when it looks so fun like this? If you’re royal, you can wear any darn shade of purple you please, and all at once.

jasmine b 52woc2 14 royal purple 010412


Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Chic (thanks, Nevery)
Lip Colour: Boom ‘Lipwax’, Magenta
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Hair: Shag ‘Bombshell’, Powder
Dress: Solidea Folies ‘Love Riri’, Pink
Headpiece: Lee Zu ‘Noell’, Violet
Necklace: Chop Zuey ‘Jupiter’, Symphony
Bracelet (R) Chop Zuey ‘Jupiter’, Symphony, (L) Mandala ‘Takara’, Purple
Umbrella: bubble (part of Burlesque outfit)
Pose: Del May ‘Sweet Blossom’
Location: Mysterious Wave
Windlight: Sim Default (tweaked)



  1. Softpaw, thank you! You looked great this week, too.

    Tigist, thanks so much and welcome!

    Ani, thank you WordFeud buddy :-).

    Jade, thanks for your lovely comment.

    Burger Fairy, thank you, lovely woman!

    Nic, I lucked in with the light — the sim creators do good windlight!

    Lau, thanks so much. That’s disappointing about the LumiPro as the video looked great … I’ll try a demo though and see how it goes.

    YGrey, thank you. I’ve had a tough week and wanted to do a picture with the strength I don’t feel right now.

    inkiestyles, thanks so much for dropping by :-).

    Moniq, you’re so kind, thank you.

    Eliza, your compliments gave me a huge smile :-).

    Bourbie, we’re allowed to wear purple in my watery realm, come join us!

  2. I love how the background seems to form a vortex behind you, perfectly positioned and placed. Wonderfully rich colours ❤

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