52 weeks of colour part deux – week 18, thistle

My little pony

I hope there’s not a rocking horse rezzed at Happy Mood as I bought one and took rather a long while to replicate the Happy Mood garden feel I wanted. And the horse rocked and rocked and rocked and I had to refresh, click, delete until I lucked in on a shot. I hope it’s been worth the effort!

jasmine b 52woc2 18 thistle 290412


Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Natural (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Hair: LaViere ‘The Vert’, Lavender Delight
Dress: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Carla’, Gold and Lilac
Shoes: Boudoir ‘Romantic’
Necklace: FuLo ‘Bianca’
Bracelet: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Pose: –
Location: Home, Blizzard Cove
Windlight: Canimod
Props: Rocking Horse, Trees, Plants and Particle Emitter by Happy Mood, Grass by Kidd



  1. Moniq, me too! It’s autumn here though and freezing and wet.

    Nic, thanks so much. Yep, sometimes pictures take a lot longer than anticipated and we want to get rid of them rather than appreciate them :-).

    Sama, thank you, I’m glad it was worth the effort.

    Burger Fairy! Thanks gorgeous friend!

  2. Alexandra, I’m sorry for the delay in responding and want to say thank you for your lovely comment!

    Ani, thanks so much — I don’t know when my next colour challenge will be as I’m swamped IRL but I hope I can repeat this effort :-).

    Ayako, thank you! You’re too kind :-).

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