High tea (with pirate bunnies)

High tea (with pirate bunnies)

My original idea for a tea party with HPMD’s animals got a bit out of hand — I never imagined shopping for SL cakes and drinks could be so much fun!

Thank you to Rudh for being so patient while I moved animals around, contemplated whether a horse would fit in the shot and generally stuffed about with windlight settings.

Oh, if you’re a fairly new mesh convert like me, head over to coldLogic for some great basics, smart things and mix’n’match outfits. I’m not affiliated but just a person who wished such a shop existed IRL because the argyle patterns are to drool over and the range’s colour schemes are so well thought out.

jasmine b picnic 280712


Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Barbara – Light’ *new*, Chic (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Sapphire
Hair: Diva ‘Tomoko 2′, Platinum (from July Collabor88)
Top: coldLogic ’tilly’, Ocean
Pose: n/a
Location: Home
Windlight: AnaLu Avatar Opt (Caliah)

Props: Stump Table and Seats by Happy Mood, Animals by Happy Mood, Plants by Happy Mood and nocc, Trees by Happy Mood and Alirium, Refreshments by LISP


Mix and match


There’s so much happening across SL at the moment and, of course, I have so little time. I’m starting a new job tomorrow and have been furiously trying to get organised while perfecting the art of making lemon butter (I’m not organised at all but my lemon butter is 10 out of 10 on the tangy scale).

One of the most clever time saving ideas inworld of late was the ‘shadow’ walls at the Hair Fair 2012 — I could stand in the middle of a shop and walk entire lengths through the walls without exiting and entering (if you do this, remember to keep your radar open so you don’t sideswipe anyone in your path). As usual, though, the avs with a load count more than 100,000 in bling slowed the sim — I know not everyone reads the notecards or the official web site guidelines for events but who needs to wear jewellery, glasses and headpieces?

I bought some frocks and mesh eyes from the One Voice event to raise funds for Gala Phoenix, owner of Curio Skins. I’ve read around the traps that more than $US20,000 has been raised for Gala’s legal campaign and — in even more good news — designers have put more new items out for sale.

The set I’m using from Tableau Vivant is from Fairy Tales 2012 and my make-up and headpiece are from the current Couturier’s Docks collection at SaliMar.

Oh, and the Hope for Emilia event starts today to raise funds following the earthquakes in Italy in May and June. I’ve already set up a photo backdrop for AD Creations’ 50s goth swimsuit so do not get in my way of Aliza’s display when I’m waving my lindens :-).

I know there’s plenty more on but I need to get to the gym, get my tax return ready, find the information needed to start my job tomorrow and then quell my panic with another batch of lemon butter :-).

jasmine b mix and match 22072012


Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Barbara – Light’ *new*, Chic (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: By Snow ‘Deep Eyes’, Cyan (from One Voice event)
Hair: LaViere ‘Ambush’ Creative Dye Pack, Blue Tip (from Hair Fair 2012)
Make-up: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Gold’, Eyes and Lips Complete (from Couturier’s Dock) (thanks, Nevery)
Dress: coldLogic Subscriber Gift, London Plum
Headpiece: BaoBa ‘Miss Dreams’, Black (from Couturier’s Dock)
Earrings: Aurora Borealis ‘Zelda Pearl’ Peacock
Pose: Agapee Free Photo 40
Location: Home
Windlight: Neutral

Props: Background part of ‘Lake Bodom’ Set by Tableau Vivant (yay, LouLou!)

Pirate wildlife yarrrr!

Just a quick one to say there are two gacha machines set up at Happy Mood at only 30 and 50 lindens each. Rudhmellowen Laguna told me about the pirate bunny; I immediately gave up trying to get into the Hair Fair and TPd to HappyMood to buy some new animals including a bat and a pirate squirrel.

Thanks, Rudh, for telling me!

jasmine b pirate bunny yarrrr 150712

God save the sim

God save the sim

Dame Vivienne Westwood has been cool longer than I’ve been alive. And, at the age of 71, she’s still designing edgy clothes and running a global business. Feminism comes in many forms and I think making your own way in the world says ‘screw you’ to the establishment as nicely as any other method.

Thanks to all the designers who are participating in the Maniera Westwood event. It’s on until Sunday and is packed with creative and inspiring gowns and accessories.

jasmine b i heart vivienne 14072012


Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Barbara – Light’ *new*, Petal with White Eyeliner Option (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Sapphire
Hair: LaViere ‘Wind Song’ Blonde Pack, Platinum
Outfit: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Marie Antionette, Sunset *available in other colours in the near future* (thanks, Nevery)
Headpiece: Coco ‘Flower Petal’, Milky Pink
Shoes: Boudoir ‘Romance’
Jewellery: Low ‘Milady’
Pose: GCD ‘Model Pose’ 13
Location: Home
Windlight: 6pm (tweaked)

Props: Cherry Tree by Fiddler’s Green, Silver Tree by Boudoir, Grass by Kidd, Shrubs by Happy Mood, nocc and Forest Feast, Weasel in Log by Happy Mood

The pirate kite yarrrrrr

Burger Fairy and Vege Burger

I have been following Rudhmellowen Laguna’s blog since the start of Luna Jubilee’s 52 weeks of colour challenge last year and we’ve built a nice camaraderie.

We met inworld at a blogger preview of the Festival of Sin earlier in the year and have been threatening to take a picture together since then. Finally, I called her over before packing up the remnants of my garden.

The conversation went along the lines of:

“I’ve got the kites unpacked, oh my god, there’s a pirate kite.”

“I wanna pirate kite.”

“Wow, there’s a cupcake kite as well. Flying cupcakes, awesome.”

“I wanna pirate kite!”

Who am I to deny anyone a pirate kite?

It was my honour to take a picture with you, Burger Fairy.

jasmine b pirate kite yarrrr 08072012

Wearing (me, the blonde one):

Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Alice – Lighter’, Petal (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Hair: LeLutka ‘Daisy’ mesh, Sweden
Outfit: Les Petits Details (LpD) April ‘Firenze’ (thanks, Nevery)
Boots: Gos ‘Triumph’ mesh, Black
Bracelet: Rozoregalia ‘Gazeliver’
Pose: n/a
Location: Home
Windlight: Places Bentham
Props: Kites by LISP (include texture change and multiple poses), Trees by Forest Floor, Grass by Kidd, Flowers by Happy Mood and nocc

Bye bye birdy

Bye bye birdy

I admired Zibska’s flamingo dress and she very kindly sent me a care package containing one. Thank you, Zib.

This is the second-last picture from my SL garden before I had to pack it up. Tidy inventory yesterday, complete mess today. I have found another plot so my next project is the garden I’ve been planning for the last year.

jasmine b bye bye birdie 040712


Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Pink (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Hair: Lo*Momo ‘Canna’, Pink
Outfit: Zibska ‘Lingo’ (includes flamingo dress, hat, hosiery, matching shoes and make-up) (thanks, Zib)
Cape: from Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Boho Girl’, Beige mesh (thanks, Nevery)
Shoes: from Zibska ‘Lingo’ (not shown)
Bracelet, Earrings and Ring: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Nails: Mandala ‘Palette 2 Short’
Pose: Del May ‘Sweet Blossom’
Location: Home
Windlight: Own
Props: Trees by Alirium, Grass by Kidd, Flowers by The Sea Hole