Pirate wildlife yarrrr!

Just a quick one to say there are two gacha machines set up at Happy Mood at only 30 and 50 lindens each. Rudhmellowen Laguna told me about the pirate bunny; I immediately gave up trying to get into the Hair Fair and TPd to HappyMood to buy some new animals including a bat and a pirate squirrel.

Thanks, Rudh, for telling me!

jasmine b pirate bunny yarrrr 150712



  1. YAY I HELPED TO FEED YOUR CUTE OBSESSION!!! Thank you so much for giving me a pirate bunny, you really are lucky with pirates ARRRR!!! Love ya lots Veggie B, and I better get an invite to a tea party soon hehe xxx

  2. Burger Fairy, oh, you fed my obsession all right! I’m going to make a new folder just for animals now as I have a whole virtual menagerie! xxx

    Neve, maybe I’ll see you there!

    Thanks for the ‘like’, Moniq.

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