The Boho Culture Fair – 1

Summer days

I, of course, nominated to be a Boho Culture Fair blogger when I was in another job with more free time and I didn’t need to make a diary appointment just to scratch myself. I’ve created a few looks to post though and will do my best to bring more from the fair. Crisshoney Violet and Fiorella Clarity have put an amazing amount of work in to bring this idea to reality.

The first things I think of when I hear ‘boho’ are Ali MacGraw when she had that fab, dead straight long hair, Goldie Hawn, her daughter Kate Hudson and even Kate Moss when she dresses down but looks effortlessly stylish.

Today’s picture though is from the beach when the sun was healthy, leisure time was copious and everyone smelled like coconuts from being slathered in Reef Tan.

jasmine b boho 1 171012

* Skin: Ab Fab Skins ‘Victoria’, Fair
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Hair: DeLa ‘Moelleux’, Blonde 2
* Outfit: AXE ‘Carmen’, Azure
* Bracelet: Moonshadow ‘Gypsy’
* Bag: I<3Fashion ‘Hippie Bag’, Grey (comes in shoulder and clutch versions)
* Pose: Focus Poses ‘Boho Set’, 1
Location: Home
Windlight: Places Abracadabra 2
Props: Skybox by Poetica, Van by Tiki Tattoo, Additional Palm Trees by Tiki Tattoo

* Available from the Boho Culture Fair


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