The Boho Culture Fair – 2

You spin me right around, baby

The Boho Culture Fair is in full swing and running until 31 October. It’s an enjoyable walk around the outdoors, village-like atmosphere with a lot of variety including skins, hair, outfits and shoes to suit almost any style.

Today’s look is from my inner flower child who still loves florals and paisley.

jasmine b boho 2 221012


* Skin: Step inSide ‘Fiete Boho Edition’, Rosy-Pale with ‘Leaves’ make-up
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
* Hair: Hinako ‘Ashley’, Light Blonde (headband is colour change)
* Outfit: Aris Aris ‘Rig 89’
Shoes: Shiny Things ‘Candy’, Copper
* Pose: Focus Poses ‘Boho Set’, 6
Location: The Boho Culture Fair
Windlight: London 2050

* Available from the Boho Culture Fair


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