Happy rezday to me

It’s hard to believe I’ve been around for about two-thirds of Second Life’s history.

I’ve never been married in SL (although I should in this most gorgeous of gowns), never opened a business and never had a job, yet there has always been plenty to do and discover.

My project for the first part of this year is completing my platform garden and opening it to visitors. I tried twice in the last 18 months but the land owners closed their sims at critical moments and I lost all my work. Perhaps it will be third time lucky if I can understand the meaning of ‘low prim’ plants and props — my house at ground level has no furniture left and the landscaping is now being cannibalised to feed the garden in the sky.

jasmine b rez day 2013 290113


Skin: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Chic, Breast 2 (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: By Snow ‘Deep Eyes’, Charcoal
Hair: DeLa ‘Mango’, Blonde 1
Dress: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Leah’, Opal, designed for MVW 2013 and now available (thanks, Nevery *hugs*) (includes gloves)
Necklace: Low ‘Milady’ (option shown without neckband)
Pose: !bang ‘Spring Friend’, 3 (comes with birds)
Location: Home
Windlight: AnaLu Studio

Props: Tea House by Turnip’s Homes, Tree with Lights by Ionic, Roses by World’s End Garden and XIV, Daisies by KIDD



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