Crime does pay

The new Hazardous

I was looking for new landscaping items for my pixel garden and remembered that some lovely trees and grasses were abound at Hazardous. I TPed in and right-clicked with disappointment that the greenery was created by Mandingo Quan and not for sale.

Later, I received a message from Mandingo as I’d left digital footprints of my skulking around. The sim had been shut for re-design but I’d managed (again, innocently, I swear) to get myself properly invited to look around and submit an image for display at the sim.

Everything has worked out for the best as Mandingo and Wendy Xeno have officially re-opened Hazardous. Click on a marked tile at the landing point or have a bath to be taken to the new landscape and don’t be afraid to fall into the gorge and click on other objects to be transported to hidden places.

I also clicked on almost every object to learn that Wendy and Dingo have also made just about everything you’ll see; there are plans for a shop to be opened in the future.

The sense of wandering a broad landscape yet belonging intimately is hard for me to describe but it’s pure mastery of scale.


jasmine b the new hazardous 100213

Skin: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Cyborg’, includes shape, skin and headpiece as shown (thanks, Nevery) — limited quantities available from the LpD mainstore or the marketplace
Windlight: Default
Location: Hazardous



  1. Sounds like a fun place to wander around that, thank goodness for your “innocent” breaking and entering LOL… The photo you created is amazing though Veggie B… I love the simplicity!

  2. It was a wonderous place to wander and I’ll be returning this weekend, BurgerFriend!

    Thanks, Nevery. It’s a gorgeous place indeed and landing point was just perfect for your skin!

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