open garden

my everydaydream*

I’m not online as much as I’d like and I wanted to find a way to share my pixel land and photo sets. So, I am opening up my sky platform if you’d like to visit and take photos.

This is not a cohesive or restrained space; it’s some old and new favourite things with some transitions so it’s hopefully not a totally messy brain dump. Most of the areas are new and unphotographed but I re-created a few of my favourite sets like my little ode to Happy Mood. Things will change as I find new goodies to rez but the loose theme at the moment is play.

You should be able to rez props and poses if you join and activate the everydaydream group.

I hope you enjoy.


Flickr group:

*named after a favourite old album

jasmine b everydaydream 1 160213


Skin: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Vintage, Breast 1 (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: By Snow ‘Deep Eyes’, Aqua
Hair: Maitreya ‘Natalie’, Platinum
Dress: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Luna’, White/Sand (thanks, Nevery)
Necklace: Tram ‘Leather Frilled’
Shoes: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘EcoPois’, Pearl
Pose: n/a
Location: everydaydream
Windlight: Places Bentham

Props: Swing Set by Ana-mations, Trees and Plants by Happy Mood, Grass by Kidd


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