Strawberry’s seven SL facts meme

Seven SL facts

I can’t recall ever participating in a meme but Strawberry Singh’s intriguing seven facts meme got me pondering about things you may not know about me. I hope you can share your seven things as well and post a link here or on Berry’s blog.

1 I am obsessed about not getting involved in SL drama. My RL has enough bumps in the road and I am militant about my sense of fun and wonder being disturbed.

2 If designers give me goodies to blog, I usually go to their shops and buy something else to spread the good karma.

3 I have more than 600 poses in inventory. I compiled the first 400 manually in an old and reliable hud but I’m too lazy to scroll through it; I usually go and buy more at the time I need them.

4 If I take a picture in someone’s sim, I always hunt down the tip jar and leave some lindens. I didn’t know owners could see who gave tips until someone sent me a thank you note — if avatars could blush, mine would have turned a bright shade of red.

5 12,000 is the point at which I fret irrationally about my inventory count. The total is about 12,600 at the moment so some items will have to go or I’ll keep thinking about them.

6 Even if I don’t have land, I still search for and buy houses. Much of my inventory consists of houses I can’t bear to delete as they hold memories of placing and decorating them. However, I live in a basic house with no furniture as all my allowance is used on the garden.

7 I haven’t been involved with anyone for about four years since a relaxed and affectionate thing with a man from America. It ended awfully after he accused me of contacting his RL wife (so many things are wrong with that sentence I can’t even begin). I’m not looking but maybe a nice man in a friendly timezone will emerge from an orange cloud and rez in front of me one day.

Bonus fact
My favourite creation in SL is the Happy Mood bunnies (but I guess that’s no secret). I bought all the variations in size and colour.

jasmine b 7 facts 120313


Hair: LeLutka ‘Daisy’, Marilyn
Jacket: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Lara’, Flowers (thanks, Nevery)
Jacket: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Lara’, Brown (thanks, Nevery)
Pose: HelaMiyo ‘Knees’ 5
Location: everydaydream
Windlight: Greed 2

Props: Grass by Kidd, Tree by Happy Mood, Crate by MMGraffiti, Rabbit by Happy Mood, Shrubs by Happy Mood and Moonshine Creations, Roses by World’s End Garden


  1. If you fret at 12,000, I wonder what you would do with mine! I used to try so hard to keep it down and organized but I’ve come to the point where I’ve waved the white flag and said, “ok, I give up. You win inventory!” LOL I think I’m around the 120,000 mark. Hopefully one day I’ll just go and delete it all and start fresh! 😛
    Thanks for participating! ❤

  2. I love your photo and yea, I had kinda guessed a bit about the bunnies hehe… But there is a lot there that I didnt know about you so that’s awesome to learn something

  3. Thanks for the meme, Strawberry, and for your comment. Maybe I should re-think my stress point at 120,000 and now 12,000. It’s only one little zero :-).

    Rudh, it was a fun challenge and I’ve just read yours so thanks for sharing as well x.

    Thanks for the likes.

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