I’ve just packed up my garden to move to a smaller and cheaper plot. Here’s one for posterity. I’ll post the SLURL to the new place when I’m set up.

everydaydream change 231013

Props: Greenhouse by Turnip’s, Trees and Shrubs by Happy Mood and XIV, Lights by Lisp, Light Beam by Alirium


Unplugged rather than upgraded


Sometimes taking pictures doesn’t go quite to plan. I got the original of this one to final edit after a couple of hours’ work to realise I missed an error that no editing magic could fix.

Back to the drawing board.

I then upgraded to the new version of Firestorm and had the black screen of death, the pink screen of death and some thinking time to read the jira entries while downloading 180 megabytes of updated graphics drivers.

Then I repeated the process as nothing worked and followed different recommendation for my laptop and downloaded another 180 megabytes of drivers. I have SL but now my images are too soft in focus (depth of field is off to no avail) and the new video drivers have made my screen blurry in places on the laptop.

I’ll try again another day when I have time. I can see an upside in that I somehow have shadows now and there’s a bazillion more windlight settings to play with!

jasmine b unplugged 270413


Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Chic, Breast 1 (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: By Snow ‘Deep Eyes’, Aqua
Hair: Wasabi Pills ‘Brigitte’, Seafoam
Dress: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Onde’, Pink (thanks, Nevery), comes in three colours
Pose: HelaMiyo ‘Fashion Blogger’, 1 (thanks, Miyoko)
Location: everydaydream SLURL:
Windlight: Nacon’s Day Mood

Props: Greenhouse by Turnip’s, Roses by World’s End Garden and XIV, Tree by Happy Mood, Light Beams from Alirium

High tea (with pirate bunnies)

High tea (with pirate bunnies)

My original idea for a tea party with HPMD’s animals got a bit out of hand — I never imagined shopping for SL cakes and drinks could be so much fun!

Thank you to Rudh for being so patient while I moved animals around, contemplated whether a horse would fit in the shot and generally stuffed about with windlight settings.

Oh, if you’re a fairly new mesh convert like me, head over to coldLogic for some great basics, smart things and mix’n’match outfits. I’m not affiliated but just a person who wished such a shop existed IRL because the argyle patterns are to drool over and the range’s colour schemes are so well thought out.

jasmine b picnic 280712


Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Barbara – Light’ *new*, Chic (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Sapphire
Hair: Diva ‘Tomoko 2′, Platinum (from July Collabor88)
Top: coldLogic ’tilly’, Ocean
Pose: n/a
Location: Home
Windlight: AnaLu Avatar Opt (Caliah)

Props: Stump Table and Seats by Happy Mood, Animals by Happy Mood, Plants by Happy Mood and nocc, Trees by Happy Mood and Alirium, Refreshments by LISP

Bye bye birdy

Bye bye birdy

I admired Zibska’s flamingo dress and she very kindly sent me a care package containing one. Thank you, Zib.

This is the second-last picture from my SL garden before I had to pack it up. Tidy inventory yesterday, complete mess today. I have found another plot so my next project is the garden I’ve been planning for the last year.

jasmine b bye bye birdie 040712


Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Pink (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Hair: Lo*Momo ‘Canna’, Pink
Outfit: Zibska ‘Lingo’ (includes flamingo dress, hat, hosiery, matching shoes and make-up) (thanks, Zib)
Cape: from Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Boho Girl’, Beige mesh (thanks, Nevery)
Shoes: from Zibska ‘Lingo’ (not shown)
Bracelet, Earrings and Ring: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Nails: Mandala ‘Palette 2 Short’
Pose: Del May ‘Sweet Blossom’
Location: Home
Windlight: Own
Props: Trees by Alirium, Grass by Kidd, Flowers by The Sea Hole

52 weeks of colour, 50 — mulberry

BYO Butterflies to the Garden Party

I must confess some sadness at reaching the fiftieth week of Luna’s 52 weeks of colour challenge. I’ve encountered blogs kept by seriously talented and creative thinkers and found some new and clever designers who make the most of SL’s technical limitations.

The other side is that I’m amazed I’ve stuck with a project for a year as my attention span is poor (to put it kindly) and I’ve enjoyed the discipline of setting a weekly goal.

I’m currently working on some images for the Meta_Body project so I didn’t have a lot of time to get all fancypants with this picture, but thankfully pretty frocks and butterflies speak for themselves. Hell, I don’t even know if I got the colour correct but I checked the little buds of the young mulberry tree in my backyard and they looked similar (but not ripe enough for ripping off the tree and eating by the handful).

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 50 mulberry 151011


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’, Porcelaine Makeup 1
Eye Make-up: Boom ‘Flatter My Eyes’, Purple
Lip Colour: Kosh ‘Drama Lips’, Dragonfruit
Hair: Lo*momo ‘Canna’, Pink
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Dress: LeeZu ‘Noell’, Violet (includes amazing headpiece)
Necklace: Part of Alienbear ‘River of Love’
Bracelet: Mandala ‘Pearl Rain’, White
Ring: Dark Mouse ‘Statement Ring’, Romance
Nails: Mandala ‘Takara’, Metal White
Additional Butterflies: Alirium Gardens group gift
Pose: Olive Juice ‘Curtsie Cutie’
Location: Alirium
Windlight: Bristol

Giardino di LouLou

I was absurdly excited when I discovered LouLou Teichmann’s images on flickr only a month or so ago, and even more like a giddy child when she invited me to take a picture in her new garden.

I snuck in when she wasn’t online and stole an apple. But I didn’t take any food from her fridge or leave the TV on so hopefully she asks me back one day.

jasmine b giardino di loulou 031011


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’, Porcelaine Makeup 1
Eye Make-up: Boom ‘Flatter My Eyes’, Blue
Lip Colour: Boom ‘Lipwax’, Pale
Hair: LeLutka ‘Amanda 2’, Marilyn
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Sapphire
Dress: Les Petites Details ‘Don’t Forget Me’, Blue
Hairpiece: LaGyo ‘Blue Roses’
Bracelet and Ring: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Shoes: Vita’s Boudoir ‘Romantic’ (not shown)
Pose: Lost World Creative ‘Wild Standing Male’
Apple: MariposaB
Addtional Butterflies: Alirium Garden gift
Location: LouLou’s!
Windlight: TOR Sunrise Asiatix

52 weeks of colour, 45 — bronze

Bronze — and butterflies

I work with metals in my RL job and I’ve got it down. The grey ones are steel and aluminium, the shiny ones are nice to look at, the reddy-yellow ones are copper and the yellowy ones are bronze.

So I went out into SL land and bought some yellowy metallic clothes for this week’s Luna’s 52 weeks of colour bronze challenge. What’s that you say? The yellowy one is brass and not bronze? D’oh!

Thankfully the Fellini sale was in full swing and I picked up a bronze-enough frock for not many lindens at all.

jasmine b 52 weeks of colour 45 bronze


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’, Porcelaine Makeup 1
Lipstick: Kosh ‘Sweet Lips’, Brass
Hair: Vita’s Boudoir ‘Mermaid’
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Sapphire
Dress: Fellini Couture ‘Lotus’
Bracelet: Donna Flora ‘Alma’
Butterflies: Alirium Garden group gift
Pose: Del May ‘Balletic Stand’
Location: XIV