I’ve just packed up my garden to move to a smaller and cheaper plot. Here’s one for posterity. I’ll post the SLURL to the new place when I’m set up.

everydaydream change 231013

Props: Greenhouse by Turnip’s, Trees and Shrubs by Happy Mood and XIV, Lights by Lisp, Light Beam by Alirium


Strawberry’s seven SL facts meme

Seven SL facts

I can’t recall ever participating in a meme but Strawberry Singh’s intriguing seven facts meme got me pondering about things you may not know about me. I hope you can share your seven things as well and post a link here or on Berry’s blog.

1 I am obsessed about not getting involved in SL drama. My RL has enough bumps in the road and I am militant about my sense of fun and wonder being disturbed.

2 If designers give me goodies to blog, I usually go to their shops and buy something else to spread the good karma.

3 I have more than 600 poses in inventory. I compiled the first 400 manually in an old and reliable hud but I’m too lazy to scroll through it; I usually go and buy more at the time I need them.

4 If I take a picture in someone’s sim, I always hunt down the tip jar and leave some lindens. I didn’t know owners could see who gave tips until someone sent me a thank you note — if avatars could blush, mine would have turned a bright shade of red.

5 12,000 is the point at which I fret irrationally about my inventory count. The total is about 12,600 at the moment so some items will have to go or I’ll keep thinking about them.

6 Even if I don’t have land, I still search for and buy houses. Much of my inventory consists of houses I can’t bear to delete as they hold memories of placing and decorating them. However, I live in a basic house with no furniture as all my allowance is used on the garden.

7 I haven’t been involved with anyone for about four years since a relaxed and affectionate thing with a man from America. It ended awfully after he accused me of contacting his RL wife (so many things are wrong with that sentence I can’t even begin). I’m not looking but maybe a nice man in a friendly timezone will emerge from an orange cloud and rez in front of me one day.

Bonus fact
My favourite creation in SL is the Happy Mood bunnies (but I guess that’s no secret). I bought all the variations in size and colour.

jasmine b 7 facts 120313


Hair: LeLutka ‘Daisy’, Marilyn
Jacket: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Lara’, Flowers (thanks, Nevery)
Jacket: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Lara’, Brown (thanks, Nevery)
Pose: HelaMiyo ‘Knees’ 5
Location: everydaydream
Windlight: Greed 2

Props: Grass by Kidd, Tree by Happy Mood, Crate by MMGraffiti, Rabbit by Happy Mood, Shrubs by Happy Mood and Moonshine Creations, Roses by World’s End Garden

open garden

my everydaydream*

I’m not online as much as I’d like and I wanted to find a way to share my pixel land and photo sets. So, I am opening up my sky platform if you’d like to visit and take photos.

This is not a cohesive or restrained space; it’s some old and new favourite things with some transitions so it’s hopefully not a totally messy brain dump. Most of the areas are new and unphotographed but I re-created a few of my favourite sets like my little ode to Happy Mood. Things will change as I find new goodies to rez but the loose theme at the moment is play.

You should be able to rez props and poses if you join and activate the everydaydream group.

I hope you enjoy.


Flickr group:

*named after a favourite old album

jasmine b everydaydream 1 160213


Skin: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Vintage, Breast 1 (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: By Snow ‘Deep Eyes’, Aqua
Hair: Maitreya ‘Natalie’, Platinum
Dress: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Luna’, White/Sand (thanks, Nevery)
Necklace: Tram ‘Leather Frilled’
Shoes: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘EcoPois’, Pearl
Pose: n/a
Location: everydaydream
Windlight: Places Bentham

Props: Swing Set by Ana-mations, Trees and Plants by Happy Mood, Grass by Kidd

Crime does pay

The new Hazardous

I was looking for new landscaping items for my pixel garden and remembered that some lovely trees and grasses were abound at Hazardous. I TPed in and right-clicked with disappointment that the greenery was created by Mandingo Quan and not for sale.

Later, I received a message from Mandingo as I’d left digital footprints of my skulking around. The sim had been shut for re-design but I’d managed (again, innocently, I swear) to get myself properly invited to look around and submit an image for display at the sim.

Everything has worked out for the best as Mandingo and Wendy Xeno have officially re-opened Hazardous. Click on a marked tile at the landing point or have a bath to be taken to the new landscape and don’t be afraid to fall into the gorge and click on other objects to be transported to hidden places.

I also clicked on almost every object to learn that Wendy and Dingo have also made just about everything you’ll see; there are plans for a shop to be opened in the future.

The sense of wandering a broad landscape yet belonging intimately is hard for me to describe but it’s pure mastery of scale.


jasmine b the new hazardous 100213

Skin: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Cyborg’, includes shape, skin and headpiece as shown (thanks, Nevery) — limited quantities available from the LpD mainstore or the marketplace
Windlight: Default
Location: Hazardous

It’s almost time to go

I’m heading off interstate this week for work and then to Germany for a fortnight — hurrah, but it’s all last-minute and I have much to do.

jasmine b it is time to go 101112
See you when I return. This pic is one I found from more than 12 months ago that I never got around to editing. Alles Klaar, Bloomy Miles and I haven’t been seen in the same sim for ages.

The Boho Culture Fair – 1

Summer days

I, of course, nominated to be a Boho Culture Fair blogger when I was in another job with more free time and I didn’t need to make a diary appointment just to scratch myself. I’ve created a few looks to post though and will do my best to bring more from the fair. Crisshoney Violet and Fiorella Clarity have put an amazing amount of work in to bring this idea to reality.

The first things I think of when I hear ‘boho’ are Ali MacGraw when she had that fab, dead straight long hair, Goldie Hawn, her daughter Kate Hudson and even Kate Moss when she dresses down but looks effortlessly stylish.

Today’s picture though is from the beach when the sun was healthy, leisure time was copious and everyone smelled like coconuts from being slathered in Reef Tan.

jasmine b boho 1 171012

* Skin: Ab Fab Skins ‘Victoria’, Fair
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
Hair: DeLa ‘Moelleux’, Blonde 2
* Outfit: AXE ‘Carmen’, Azure
* Bracelet: Moonshadow ‘Gypsy’
* Bag: I<3Fashion ‘Hippie Bag’, Grey (comes in shoulder and clutch versions)
* Pose: Focus Poses ‘Boho Set’, 1
Location: Home
Windlight: Places Abracadabra 2
Props: Skybox by Poetica, Van by Tiki Tattoo, Additional Palm Trees by Tiki Tattoo

* Available from the Boho Culture Fair



When you’re in one of the prettiest places in Second Life and a radiant princess in white is lounging in the swing, what can you do but stop and take a picture?

I hope you like it, Bloomy.  And I hope a charming prince places a crystal slipper on that little bit of foot I can see poking out.

jasmine b bloomy-rella 070312

Location: Happy Mood (the shop, not the newly-opened and gorgeous sim)

Rooted in Friendship

Rooted in Friendship

I have been stunned and humbled by the originality of Second Lifers’ ideas and their execution in CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur’s Meta_Body project as part of the All My Independent Women exhibition.

CapCat and Meilor have been generous in creating a set of avatars at no cost and with full permissions for anyone to use the original content to bring to life their own images and stories.

This is my second dip in the water (almost literally on the screen) with the ‘Aqua’ avatar. The human-looking roots emerging from the water at Delicatessen reminded me of the similar but differing shape of virtual but real friendships.

How do you feel in real life when a friend is given a promotion at work and outranks you, even though you think you work harder? Does it differ in the virtual world when your blogging friend is given outfits for reviewing when you think secretly that your work is better? Do you react with genuine wishes, concealed backstabbing or do you work to make your own life even better? Are the real-life and online ‘you’ the same person or is one an escape or opportunity to change the other?

Our perceptions, feelings and reactions in both worlds mingle and can enhance our lives or perpetuate negativity depending on what we bring and give. In this way the breathing and pixelated worlds do not differ — the real is the meta of the unreal.

jasmine b meta body 2 191011


Avatar: Meta_Body ‘Aqua’ by CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur
Pose: Agapee ‘Free Pose 74 Sit’
Location: Delicatessen
Windlight: London 2050



This is my first contribution to CapCat Ragu and Meilor Minotaur’s Meta_Body project as part of the All My Independent Women exhibition.

CapCat and Meilor have been generous in creating a set of avatars at no cost and with full permissions for anyone to use their original content to bring to life their own images and stories.

The dragonfly avatar took my fancy as I often look at birds and insects and marvel at what I consider the miracle of winged flight. Yet, for these creatures, wings are only the tool used as their form of movement for daily survival.

On a more metaphoric level, I intentionally left a generous crop so my avatar was absorbed by the surroundings. We are the centre of our own universes but are always a part of a world much larger than us.

jasmine b dragonflight 171011


Avatar: Meta_Body ‘Dragonfly’ by CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur
Pose: Olive Juice ‘Fall to Earth’
Location: Delicatessen
Windlight: Places Urbania

Grecian goddess

Why walk around in robes and olive wreaths when one can glide about the Grecian sim in an elegant gown and glam hair?

I didn’t realise I was in a capture roleplay area and galloped off in my heeled sandals at a pace that would have made the ancient sprinters proud.

Jasmine B in Greece 1 161010

Jasmine B in Greece 1 231010


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’ Peach, Makeup 22
Hair: Calla ‘Cornflower Lights’, Blonde
Eyes: Moon Goddess ‘Green Ice’
Lashes: LAQROKI Black Mascara 01 ‘Flirty’
Dress: Azul ‘Flora’ White/Silver Gown
Gloves: M&F Gloves and Cuffs White
Earrings: H&M Diamond Studded Earrings
Shoes: Shiny Things ‘Spring Stiletto, Antiqued
Pose: Agapee Gown Set 3