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my everydaydream*

I’m not online as much as I’d like and I wanted to find a way to share my pixel land and photo sets. So, I am opening up my sky platform if you’d like to visit and take photos.

This is not a cohesive or restrained space; it’s some old and new favourite things with some transitions so it’s hopefully not a totally messy brain dump. Most of the areas are new and unphotographed but I re-created a few of my favourite sets like my little ode to Happy Mood. Things will change as I find new goodies to rez but the loose theme at the moment is play.

You should be able to rez props and poses if you join and activate the everydaydream group.

I hope you enjoy.


Flickr group:

*named after a favourite old album

jasmine b everydaydream 1 160213


Skin: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Vintage, Breast 1 (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: By Snow ‘Deep Eyes’, Aqua
Hair: Maitreya ‘Natalie’, Platinum
Dress: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Luna’, White/Sand (thanks, Nevery)
Necklace: Tram ‘Leather Frilled’
Shoes: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘EcoPois’, Pearl
Pose: n/a
Location: everydaydream
Windlight: Places Bentham

Props: Swing Set by Ana-mations, Trees and Plants by Happy Mood, Grass by Kidd

Valentine’s Day

I saw a set of Adorkable heart poses on the marketplace last Christmas and have been waiting for an opportunity to use one. Good thing I only had to wait until February, and the trees kind of shaped themselves into a heart without my thinking about it.

jasmine b vday 140213


Skin: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Vintage, Breast 1 (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: By Snow ‘Deep Eyes’, Aqua
Hair: DeLa ‘Mango’, Blonde 1
Dress: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Atena’, White (thanks, Nevery)
Pose: Adorkable ‘Je t’aime’, 5 (comes with hearts and several poses)
Location: Home
Windlight: Places Las Legunas

Props: Trees and Plants by Happy Mood

Crime does pay

The new Hazardous

I was looking for new landscaping items for my pixel garden and remembered that some lovely trees and grasses were abound at Hazardous. I TPed in and right-clicked with disappointment that the greenery was created by Mandingo Quan and not for sale.

Later, I received a message from Mandingo as I’d left digital footprints of my skulking around. The sim had been shut for re-design but I’d managed (again, innocently, I swear) to get myself properly invited to look around and submit an image for display at the sim.

Everything has worked out for the best as Mandingo and Wendy Xeno have officially re-opened Hazardous. Click on a marked tile at the landing point or have a bath to be taken to the new landscape and don’t be afraid to fall into the gorge and click on other objects to be transported to hidden places.

I also clicked on almost every object to learn that Wendy and Dingo have also made just about everything you’ll see; there are plans for a shop to be opened in the future.

The sense of wandering a broad landscape yet belonging intimately is hard for me to describe but it’s pure mastery of scale.


jasmine b the new hazardous 100213

Skin: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Cyborg’, includes shape, skin and headpiece as shown (thanks, Nevery) — limited quantities available from the LpD mainstore or the marketplace
Windlight: Default
Location: Hazardous


Happy rezday to me

It’s hard to believe I’ve been around for about two-thirds of Second Life’s history.

I’ve never been married in SL (although I should in this most gorgeous of gowns), never opened a business and never had a job, yet there has always been plenty to do and discover.

My project for the first part of this year is completing my platform garden and opening it to visitors. I tried twice in the last 18 months but the land owners closed their sims at critical moments and I lost all my work. Perhaps it will be third time lucky if I can understand the meaning of ‘low prim’ plants and props — my house at ground level has no furniture left and the landscaping is now being cannibalised to feed the garden in the sky.

jasmine b rez day 2013 290113


Skin: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Chic, Breast 2 (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: By Snow ‘Deep Eyes’, Charcoal
Hair: DeLa ‘Mango’, Blonde 1
Dress: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Leah’, Opal, designed for MVW 2013 and now available (thanks, Nevery *hugs*) (includes gloves)
Necklace: Low ‘Milady’ (option shown without neckband)
Pose: !bang ‘Spring Friend’, 3 (comes with birds)
Location: Home
Windlight: AnaLu Studio

Props: Tea House by Turnip’s Homes, Tree with Lights by Ionic, Roses by World’s End Garden and XIV, Daisies by KIDD

Pointy bits (nsfw)

Pointy bits

I was moving the contents of my computer to Dropbox and found an old folder of works in progress or, more to the point, a single, neglected work in progress. This was a test picture for a pose shoot for VICE Poses — another look was selected but this is one of my favourite outfits from sYs.

jasmine b pointy bits 200113


Skin: Baiastice ‘Pulchra’, Porcelaine Makeup 1
Eyes: les Fleurs du Male ‘Alive’, Dark Grey
Eye Make-up: Boom ‘Renegade Princess’, Coal Mine
Lip Colour: Kosh ‘Drama Lips’, Latex
Hair: Wasabi Pills ‘Mimi’, Iceberg
Outfit: from sYs ‘Sygne’ (includes headpiece)
Pose: n/a
Location: (the former interation of) World’s End Garden
Windlight: Dusty

Disco inferno

Disco inferno

Hello and welcome to 2013.

I can’t believe I haven’t taken or posted a picture for two months. I was away twice and then my madly-anticipated Christmas break turned into a week of veterinary emergencies for one of my dogs (she’s going to recover, thank goodness), and now I’m stuck home with a persistent and nasty respiratory infection.

I have been tired and not feeling the slightest bit clever so I have been:

  • thinking about taming my inventory (that thought didn’t last long)
  • pondering if I’m brave enough to go through the horrors of buying and colour-matching mesh hands and feet (not yet)
  • making a massive change to my avatar and modifying my hand size from 20 to 10 (I decided I like my current look so it can stay pretty much as is)
  • trying to maintain my RSS feed of Shopping Cart Disco but not read the SL Secret posts (it bewilders me that so many people have the time and motivation to create nasty entries and further blacken their shrivelled little hearts. Go take a walk or some other less angst-ridden alternative to SL if you’re affected so negatively)
  • playing with this fun prop from the marketplace and trying to create an image different to my usual styles (no rabbits or flowers here)

jasmine b disco inferno 080113

Skin: Les Petits Details* (LpD) ‘Audrey’, Chic, Breast 2 (thanks, Nevery)
Eyes: By Snow ‘Deep Eyes’, Cobalt
Hair: Hinako ‘Adalia’, Blond (comes with colour change bow)
Dress: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Marla’, Fuxia (thanks, Nevery)
Shoes: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Candy’, Pink/Black
Jewellery: Mandala ‘Pearl Rain’, Black
Pose: included with prop
Location: n/a
Windlight: AnaLu Studio 5
Props: Glitterati ‘Disco’ (includes box, colour change disco balls and 10 poses), marketplace special

*New SLURLs for LpD:
Skins and makeup: http://maps.secondlife://HELL%20FIRE/89/188/898

It’s almost time to go

I’m heading off interstate this week for work and then to Germany for a fortnight — hurrah, but it’s all last-minute and I have much to do.

jasmine b it is time to go 101112
See you when I return. This pic is one I found from more than 12 months ago that I never got around to editing. Alles Klaar, Bloomy Miles and I haven’t been seen in the same sim for ages.

The Boho Culture Fair – 3

We can be happy

We’re in the last days of the Boho Culture Fair so go and visit before it closes on 31 October.

Today’s look is from some blogger copies and a few pieces I bought at the fair. Thanks so much to Crisshoney Violet and Fiorella Clarity for pulling together so many established and rising star designers and allowing me to be involved.

jasmine b boho 3 281012


* Skin: Step inSide ‘Fiete Boho Edition’, Rosy-Pale
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
* Hair: Hinako ‘Adalia’, Milk Tea
* Dress: ‘Mimi’s’ ‘Hippie Dress 2, Rose
* Shoes: Pichi ‘Ella’ Flat Sandals, White
* Necklace: Bliensen & MaiTai ‘Millefiori
Pose: Dare ‘Jump Arched’
Location: Home
Windlight: AnaLutetia Studio Light

Props: Log and all Plants by Happy Mood

* Available from the Boho Culture Fair

Happy vice day, Finn

We live on opposite sides of the world in anti-social timezones so we hardly ever catch up, but I wanted to say a big happy third rezday to my friend, Finn Millar of VICE Poses. He makes great poses, likes dogs and has a wicked sense of humour.

Happy rez day, lovely friend *hugs*.

jasmine b finn rezday 291012


Skin: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Alice’, Cherry, Breast 1 (thanks, Nevery)
By Snow ‘Deep Eyes’, Cobalt
Hair: DeLa ‘Moelleux’, Blonde 1
Dress: Les Petits Details (LpD) ‘Lara’, Flowers
Lingerie: mileVa ‘Florence’ Turquoise and Pink
Headpiece: Hate Me and Eat Me (hmaem) ‘I Was a Queen’ (comes with earrings)
Pose: included with VICE Poses Chair
Location: Home
Windlight: Places Wastelands
Props: Rug by LISP, Puddle by nocc, Mirror by Node+, Cake by Spiders Design, Birdcage by LISP, Chair by VICE Poses (comes with 10 poses), Flowers by XIV

The Boho Culture Fair – 2

You spin me right around, baby

The Boho Culture Fair is in full swing and running until 31 October. It’s an enjoyable walk around the outdoors, village-like atmosphere with a lot of variety including skins, hair, outfits and shoes to suit almost any style.

Today’s look is from my inner flower child who still loves florals and paisley.

jasmine b boho 2 221012


* Skin: Step inSide ‘Fiete Boho Edition’, Rosy-Pale with ‘Leaves’ make-up
Eyes: Amacci ‘Real Eyes’, Golden Green
* Hair: Hinako ‘Ashley’, Light Blonde (headband is colour change)
* Outfit: Aris Aris ‘Rig 89’
Shoes: Shiny Things ‘Candy’, Copper
* Pose: Focus Poses ‘Boho Set’, 6
Location: The Boho Culture Fair
Windlight: London 2050

* Available from the Boho Culture Fair